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Professional IT in St.Louis


We provide peace of mind to frustrated business owners who are constantly struggling to keep their business running smooth due to inadequate IT support.

In less than 30 minutes and I can show you how our smart technology solutions can actually ADD money to your bottom line, increase productivity and grow your business so you don’t ever have to worry again…Guaranteed!

ECP delivers proactive customer service and support designed to help any business leverage technology more efficiently.

Our Services

We provide great services to all of our clients and train all our ECP employees to be as helpful as possible and go the extra mile. We have the right tools to get your business going and maintain growth.  We have been serving the St. Louis metro area for the last 2 decades! Our customers can count on us to be there whenever they need us.

Our Solutions

We understand the cost and frustration many experience in their business with inefficient computer service providers. We are a privately held business and as such, we understand the need to balance budget with service provider costs. We are committed to save you the time and money that is lost with downed services.

Offering IT solutions designed to help your business grow